The Quickest Way to a Runner’s Heart…

It’s that special time of year where every runner everyone is a little kinder, a bit more generous, and hopped up on hot cocoa and sugar cookies!! Amidst all the list making, if you REALLY want to win over the hearts of your family, friends, or that certain someone…you better have stashed away in that gift pile some brand spanking new running shoes!! 😉
rudolf running
Other acceptable presents that are sure-fire ways to rock the recipients’ holidays are:
* A Garmin
* An AWESOME running shirt
* BodyGlide
* A PR

…actually that last one you have to go out and win for yourself! 😉

Happy Holidays my runner friends!!

1) What’s something that you’re excited to be giving to someone this year?
2) It IS the spirit of giving but let’s be honest, is there one item in particular you’re really hoping to get?
3) Best holiday gift you’ve ever gotten? Best one you’ve ever given?
Gotten, wow, there’s a few. I think I’d like to share that I was SOOOOOO pumped when a talking PeeWee Herman doll was was unwrapped. “I know you are, but what am I?”

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6 thoughts on “The Quickest Way to a Runner’s Heart…

  1. I bought a variety of brainteasers for family and friends this year, along with other gifts, and its fun watching them try and solve their puzzles. This morning we did Christmas at my in-laws house and I got my SIL two gift cards, but put them in a cube-shaped maze box that stayed locked until she got the ball all the way through the maze. That was fun! 🙂

    I’m really hoping to get some new audio books that I asked for.

  2. My husband bought me a Garmin for my birthday and I am so excited to get out and try it! The best Christmas present I’ve given (also to my husband) was a Sports Illustrated issue with Jim Ryun on the cover plus his autograph! I bought the magazine, mailed it to his office in Kansas, and he signed it and sent it back! It was a huge success 🙂

  3. While it wasn’t too exciting, my hubby desperately needed some new running clothes, so my kids and I topped him up with a bunch of new shirts for Christmas this year! I also found the tiniest tub of Body Glide I’ve ever seen at Fleet Feet…apparently stock-stuffer size! He, in return, surprised me with my first pair of flats, a pair of Saucony A5s! I took them for a short spin and they are AMAZING! Felt like I had nothing on my feet! Here’s to some new running gear!!! Merry Christmas!

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