A Big Arty Runnerchick Announcement: The Start of the Get Chicking Movement

So I’ve got some exciting news…at least it is for me.I’d like to reveal to you the very first Arty Runnerchick designed (aka Cait Chock) running shirt *imagined overly dramatic drapes being pulled*:

arty runnerchick shirts

Support the Get Chicking Movement

This is a project I’ve been brainstorming and working on for quite some time, I’ve always dreamed of being able to sport my own little running shirt but wasn’t really sure how to go out about that or had the full security of believing anyone other than myself would, in fact, be interested in wearing a similar version. Cut to me with a box full of shirts in various sizes, I’d then be donning the same style shirt for years and then living out of the cardboard box. 😉 Anyways, if that’s the route that ends up happening so be it.

But this shirt comes with a mentality, it’s the Get Chicking attitude.Runnerchicks, we’ve all been in the position of having to deal with the man who can’t handle being chicked. It’s the faceless dude on the opposite side of the road when we’re on our easy days, he starts picking up the pace in an effort to not get passed, we end up getting sucked into this little rivalry and wind up defeating the purpose of our ‘easy runs’…though the satisfaction of dusting his @$$ is a reward that may be worth it.

you got chicked

All rights Cait Chock

It’s the dude in a race who doesn’t really think anything of it as he’s tiring and hears the smooth footsteps and controlled breath of a runner ready to pass him. He’s accepted his fate as the passee, that is until he realizes it’s a chick. He then swerves around like a mad man clinging to the hope that if he makes it nearly impossible for you to get around him he may avoid getting chicked.

It’s even sometimes a fellow teammate who just can’t handle getting chicked in a workout…these are the saddest cases because these guys just give the AWESOME runnerdude teammates who enjoy the company of the fast runnerchicks a bad name.

Not all runnerdudes are unable to be man enough to handle being chicked and I of course want to establish that…I personally have had the pleasure of usually being surrounded by guys who I know pushed me to run my best. They let me tag along as an equal and I’ve always been thankful of that.

The Get Chicked mentality isn’t about hating on runnerdudes at all (and I’ve got more plans in the works down the line for you runnerdudes, just be patient as I’m still working out the fundage…lol.) it is instead about empowering us runnerchicks. We are fast, we are out there, and we will chick you. 🙂

runner shirt

All rights Cait Chock

That said, I owe more than a bit of creative inspiration to one Britt over at Chicago Runner because I really must have been living in a box for all of these years and hadn’t heard the actual term ‘chicked’ or ‘chicking’ until I read one of her posts! I know, I’m a dork…but I fell in love with the term and knew I had to use it. So THANK YOU, Britt.

And thus the Get Chicking revolution shall begin. 😉 If you would in fact like to don one of these running tees here are the logistics:

* I’m now in the pre-ordering phase so you can be one of the first lucky few to have a shirt that’s in your correct size secured.
Here's the basic, black core shirt.
* The shirt itself is an Asics Core Short Sleeve Running tee in black. It’s light and breathable, trust me I’m the sweatiest runnerchick around and would not stand for anything else.

* Sizes will run from XS to XL.

* The shirt is $25 plus shipping costs.

To get one send me an email: captaincait@hotmail.com with your desired size and address.

Keep on Chicking friends! 😉

1) Do you have a fun chicking story?

2) Favorite shirt to run in?

3) Do you tend to train/run alone, with a partner, or a group? Are they of the same gender, opposite, or a mix?

4) For guys: are you man enough to accept being chicked and enjoy the company of running with females?

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42 thoughts on “A Big Arty Runnerchick Announcement: The Start of the Get Chicking Movement

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    • thanks, and i’m SO stoked u’ll be sporting one! 🙂 you totally should get some for yourself, i designed the images myself and from there it’s a matter of getting the blank tees and contacting a good screener. feel free to drop me an email if u’ve got any questions and i’ll do my best to help. 🙂

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  4. Wow!! So behind because of my silly techie problems.
    I must possess one of these shirts!! Perfect for a team of sister runners over here in Australia 🙂

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