Ezzere’s Bringing the Party to YOU!!

I had SUCH an amazing time celebrating the launch of my fitness fashion brand, Ezzere!! Thank you so much to all who came out and those who were partying with me in spirit!!

In case you were partying from afar I wanted to share some highlights of the awesome event.
ezzere models
My GORGEOUS and awesome models show how to own the #SweatsintheCity look. ;)

shayla flip peacock shirt
My most beautiful Baby Sis showing us all how to take the Peacock Runner Tee on a 180. ;)

prizes won
Like I said there were PRIZES, and I LOVED seeing just how excited Melanie was when she won my Get Chicking Tee!

The GRAND FINALE of the night…
run your fortune hoodie
Look what the AMAZINGLY talented Laura @ TrashtoCouture did to the Run Your Fortune Tee!!! Seriously, I am speechless and in awe of her DIY fashion prowess. You HAVE to check out her site TrashtoCouture.com her SHOP filled with her one-of-a-kind pieces, and follow her on Twitter @Trashtocouture and Instagram @TrashtoCouture . I’m in freaking awe of her creativity and talent…not only is she the Queen of DIY Fashion she’s a mother to two boys, and an insanely fast runnerchick. She’s been beating the boys (and all the girls too for that matter!!) since she was in high school.

Having her transform one of my shirts into a gorgeous hoodie is something incredibly special to me. THANK YOU, Laura, so much…and I hope vicariously I can absorb just a smidgen of your style and fashion sense!!

The night truly was a BLAST…thank you to everyone who’s been so supportive! Those who were able to come out put their own artistic talents to work and created a motivational goal poster.
power of written goals
WRITTEN goals are more powerful goals. I challenge you all to take a moment, DEFINE a goal you want to reach by the end of the month and WRITE it. If you’re brave enough I’d love for you to share it me!

Tweet, Facebook, Instagram or email: contact@ezzere.com with your written goal.
Thank you again to Nuun Hydration and US Cryotherapy in Roseville, CA for helping sponsor and host the event.

I want you ALL to be a part of the Ezzere community I’m building, don’t MISS OUT and sign-up for my NEW Ezzere Newsletter. :)

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The Launch of Ezzere Running

My BIG NEWS: I started Ezzere, a brand for my running shirts!!

ezzere running shirts

My mission in starting Ezzere is to inspire runners, make you dream goals big enough to scare you, and GO for them! Then, keep you looking good at the same time. Look good, feel good. ;)

Check out my new site Ezzere.com and help me spread the word!
peacock shirt

A HUGE thanks to everyone who’s supported and believed in me…you know who you are and I couldn’t have done it without you!! I’m quite a lucky runnerchick to have some pretty freaking amazing people in my life…thank you, Guys!

Now get out there and get running, chicking, dreaming, DOING, and laughing!!

Run. Laugh. Be.

ezzere logo

Runner’s Strip: Jeans shopping

For every runner athlete who’s gone shopping for jeans and wound up wanting to punch someone in the face.

jeans shopping for runners
I can’t take sole credit for this one. The AWESOME quip that gave me the inspiration for this cartoon came from Sally Bergesen, founder of Oiselle, a kickbutt running apparel company. Yesterday a few of us were tweeting on the frustrations of trying to find jeans that FIT when you’re an athlete, muscle-clad, kickbutt female. Usually you wind up with some problems:

* The jeans WOULD fit in the waist but you can’t get them above your quads. Literally.can’t.raise.them.
* Go up to a size that doesn’t cause your quads to hulk-out but the waist is super saggy. We have six packs, not kegs.
* There’s also an issue with the cut of the butt. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but for whatever reason any size that fits my legs causes this funky pooch in the back; I think it’s because the waist/butt/quad ratio is off and you wind up with extra denim at the waist, so when you sit it’s like a sideways tepee.

I’ve not worn jeans for years…now, to be totally fair I work from home and literally live in running clothes. Like, live in them. #SweatsandtheCity

AAAAND, I will also argue that running clothes can be quite fashionable, I mean just take a gander at my awesome shirts:
hot running shirts
and we ALL love Oiselle who are keeping us clothed from our rundies out to our hoodies.


Photo Credit: Oiselle

But that’s not the point. Runnerchicks DESERVER to be able to go to the store and find a pair of jeans that fit without winding up a mess of frustration and wanting to punch someone in the face.

Wise up, World. We are runners, we are women, we are STRONG…we have muscles. And we look d**n good with them.

More cartoons HERE!!

1) What’s been an issue you’ve had with finding a pair of jeans, or any article of clothing that clearly didn’t account for your runner bod?
2) What is your ‘normal people’ fashion like?
3) What’s another vent you’d just like to get off your chest so you don’t punch someone in the face?? ;)

America’s Next Top Running Shirt Model

Get ready 2014…we’ve got some BIG things coming!!! #artyrunnerchick #runningshirts #sweatsandthecity #bigplans #makeityouryear #runforyourdreams

arty runnerchick shirt

Rocking my ‘Run Your Fortune’ shirt…head over to the Store to get yours!

Stay tuned, Runner Friends, I’ve been busily working away on a few exciting projects…I can’t wait to share!!

Enjoy the last night of 2013…kiss that old year good-bye and kick it to the curb because a New Year is on the horizon and YOU CAN make it one heck of an awesome ride run! ;)

NEWEST Running shirt!!
Runner’s Strip Comic Movie Shorts!!

1) What was a high point of 2013 for you?
Moving closer to my sib’s and being with them for the holidays.
2) What is something you’re glad to kick to the curb with 2013?
Hopefully stupid leg injuries and being REALLY inflexible.
3) What are you looking forward to in 2014?
I’ll quote AM/PM…”too much good stuff”
4) What is a running goal for you this New Year?

Exciting News!! Exclusive New Running Shirts: ‘Life’s Better With Legs’

Remember this cartoon where our poor mermaid is sad because she’s missing the legs necessary to run??

Well, I posted a similar layout on my Facebook account and started getting emails and requests from people who loved the design and begging me to turn it into my next running shirt! Eventually enough people responded to where I got serious about it.
running princesses
So, by popular demand I WILL be offering an exclusive ‘Life’s Better With Legs’ design to my running shirt line!!! Yay…I’m excited! Are you excited? Well, you should be. Even if you’re a runnerdude there have to be some super awesome runnerchicks you know that would LOVE this shirt. Mayyybe win some brownie points if you’re still working on that speed goggle effect. ;) Jk.

Because I’ve already got orders placed, I will only be waiting a couple more days before finalizing the order. That means you need to reserve your shirt TODAY!

Don’t miss the boat (arrrg!)…order the latest, awesome new design!! :)

run princess shirt


Shirt Specifics:
* White, American Apparel Sublimation Tee 100% Polyester – no shrinkage ;)
* Unisex sizes (XS-Large) See size chart below
* $36.50 + shipping

Size Chart:
running shirt size chart


If you have any questions email me: cait@caitchock.com
Head on over to the STORE and check out all of my running shirts! :)

Seuss Gets Hi-Jacked by a Runner

Move over Sam I Am, there’s a runner here about to tell her own story…
cait i am

…enter that darn fox…
fox in socks

…you know you want to try this one…
fish on treadmill

…a little running from with the Lorax…

..and of course the Grinch gets face time…

…need I say more?? ;)
excited runner

Hope you enjoy my Seussical rendition…snag a running shirt HERE! :) Cait I Am is Out!

1) What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss story?

2) If you could meet and pal around with any Seuss character who would it be?
Cat in the Hat is too obvious…I’d like one of those pocket sockets or something.

3) What is a random thing you could do in one of my running shirts? :)

best running shirts

Introducing The NEWEST Design For My Running Shirt Line

Because this is as close as I can get to having Runner tattooed across my face.

runner face shirt
I love this design because it pretty much sums it all up. Succinct. To the point. For once, the runner/writer who is forever using TOO many words is able to embrace brevity.

Runner. That I am. You most likely are too. It may not be written on our faces, but it etched on our bones. It is written on the soles of our feet, or at least on all those blisters!

Runner is splashed across our personality in more ways that we probably even realize.

If you are a runner you know it. You don’t need it tattooed on your face because it shines through without it. But let’s admit, it’s still a pretty cool idea…so wear the shirt and save yourself the painful needle time. ;)
runner face shirt
This is the NEWEST addition to my personally designed running shirt line! And perfect time for the holidays, no? ;) Screened on white, American Apparel 50/50 tech tee. Check out all of the designs and get yours today…then go get your run on!


1) If you could get one word tattooed across your face what would it be?

2) What is one way runner is splashed into your personality?

Running All Over the Place: Humor, Shirts and Ultra Running Gluttony

I think my brain’s been running in a million more directions than my feet could keep pace with as of late. So today’s post is going to be a bit of Arty Runnerchick updates, link loving, and randomness. It’s getting closer to what actually meeting me in real life is like, I’m the queen of talking tangents…

Humor is awes-tastic and running humor is ever BETTER! With Halloween coming up we all know the best costumes are pulling from our favorite running superstars, right? Well, check out the cartoon I’ve starting running over at Skinny Runner. This month she’s rocking the Kara Goucher bunhugger look…and looks like she’s talking Jaymo into pulling off a Shalane Flanagan doppleganger…YIKES! You can also check out the first Skinny Runner cartoon I did HERE.

runner gluttony

The pizza is hiding my chest there, but trust me it’s not hiding much.

It’s all about the ultra marathon! Da-daaang, if you thought your long run was long be ready to have some runner envy. Add to that some food envy (ummm, pretty sure the only reason I’d be able to talk myself into an ultra marathon is so I could go full-on glutton!!) I did an article for Active.com: Transition to Ultra Running: What You Need to Know AND I’m also super proud of the amazing Julia loved reading her article published for Active: How I Became an Ultrarunner as well. Check both of those out.

Speaking of Active; there will be a few of my posts breathing new life over there. So in case you missed them here you now have two placesto check them out. Are you seeing double yet??

get chicking white running shirt

Yay! Hey, at least I spared you the post-run sweaty face! ;)

Running shirt news!!! I’m super excited to share that there is a special, limited edition White Shirt Version of the Get Chicking running shirt. You can check out both the white and black styles of them over at my STORE. I’ve got a new batch of my Run Your Fortune Shirts just hot off the presses too, so do run yourself over to my store. Don’t jog or race-walk though…those words aren’t allowed on this blog.

Ba-dang-da-dang…Spoiler Alert: there is soon to be another edition to the shirt line as well, so stay tuned. I know, I’m bursting with running shirt related fodder today.

Let’s end on a humorous note because we opened on one. Halloween IS coming up and if you really want to scare your friends here is what you can dress up as:

* The dirty, doper Christian Hesch. Make the costume complete and sport the board shorts and needles. Seriously, you’ll get boo’ed out of any runner party.

* The GI distressed runner post-long run. Costume musts: missing one sock, questionable brown stains. You do the math.
injured runner
* The disgruntled injured runner. It’s imperative to wear a warning sign with this costume stating that you may, in fact, bite.

Happy Saturday, my running friends! May you be off getting your miles on!

1) Do you have a running related random tangent for me?

2) Would you ever attempt and ultra marathon? Or what’s the longest race you could envision yourself doing?

3) Pick a bad Halloween costume idea and share away!

The Great Running Shirt Race!

It’s summer, we run, we sweat, but in an awesome running shirt even a drippy, sweaty beast like me looks cool. ;) This Arty Runnerchick has been working away on new designs and is excited to announce that I’ll be expanding on the line! You can check out my very first shirt, of the Get Chicking movement, in cased you missed it…or mosey on over to the store.

BUT…I need all of your help first! I want to know which designs you like, which ones you love, and which ones maybe not so much. You’ll be the ones deciding which running shirts will be the new additions. So if you could please take a few moments of your time and fill out my survey, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, it would be a huge help if you do like what you see to then pass this survey onto your friends…make sure the shirts YOU like the best make the cut!

Enjoy the SNEAK PEEK of what is to be coming soon!! :)
***I’m sorry for the technicial difficulties, the stupid javacode isn’t giving me the non-scrolling dimensions I want so if you find the scrolling annoying you can visit THIS LINK and fill the survey out there. Thank you for your patience!***

Happy Friday!! Go get your sweaty beast run on. ;)

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