Lights, Camera, Action…Core and Flexibility!! Video demonstrations for your running and entertainment

Turns out this runner is taking herself to Hollywood to become a movie star! If you believed me even for a second then I’m sorry. However, to make it up to you I will let you point at laugh at me here rather shortly.

Yesterday’s post was all about runners and their imbalances; why we all have them, where common ones occur and exercises that can help you strengthening your weaknesses. I talked about one of my very favorite core routines, the Pedestal Plank Routine, and today I’ve got a video demo in case my wordage wasn’t quite enough plank awesomeness.

I also stressed how important stretching and improving your flexibility are for your running; both in preventing injuries and helping with your form and efficiency. Below I’ve demonstrated a quick flexibility routine you can do in just a couple minutes. No excuse for not being able to cram some quick stretches into your day at some point, preferably right after you finish running and are nice a sweaty. [Sweaty and your muscles are still warmed up!]

Check it out…I sure am sporting one crazy cool shirt, no?!?!? 😉 Get Chicking peeps!

These videos are part of the accompanying media that I did for my latest article up now at Competitor: Improve Your Running By Becoming a Better Athlete. I’d suggest you all mosey on over there and take a read for more ways you can improve your running and get you some nice and shiny PR’s! 🙂
Also, someone all about improving core strength and flexibility for runners is Coach Jay Johnson and he was an excellent resource for the article…so go check him out too!

1) Video demonstrations, are you guys fans? Would you like to see more? I won’t blame you if you say no though…

2) How good is your balance and core strength in doing those planks; are you able to do the leg raises or are you sticking with the isometric holding for now?

3) In terms of flexibility, when do you tend to sneak in your stretching time? Don’t say never…hehe.

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14 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action…Core and Flexibility!! Video demonstrations for your running and entertainment

  1. Yes I want more! It is so cool to see you :-). I could leg lift on the normal plank, but the face up one not so much! I always stretch after I run, but I never feel like it’s enough 😉

  2. Yes!! These videos are really helpful Cait! 🙂 Very well done and explained really well. I am going to do both of these this morning! 🙂
    I have never really attempted the plank where you are looking up, but I am going to give it a try. The regular planks are much easier to be able to do the leg lifts. (he he easier, are planks easy??!!)
    Thank you Cait!

  3. Hmm…do I want to see more videos of a super-cute girl in running shorts doing exercises…of course! 😉

    I used to not hardly stretch at all, but over the last few months I decided to go 100% with my running, which meant not just lots of miles, but I have to take the stretching, stength work, and nutrition more seriously. Honestly, in just a couple of months I have noticed a difference. Less aches and pains, and of course my form stays consistant even when I’m running out of steam. I also started using the ole’ ice bath! =)

    • i’m with u…man, it’s like i’d rather go run a 10 mile tempo over forced stretching time! but glad u’re keeping urself more accountable to the important ‘boring’ parts of training. 😛

  4. Thanks so much for posting the videos. It really helps to see the correct way to do them. i am laughing so hard at what i thought you do for the reverse plank before i saw the video, lol you would have got a good laugh 😉 great videos!

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  7. No chick here but I wouldn’t mind seeing some new ways to stretch and workout. I’ve run for a year, long story short I don’t much anymore. The way I ran just got to be too much for my body. I really need to see a pro about all this.

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