Put Your Runner Shades On: It’s GO Time London

Or if I’m going to really take this wanna-be pun all the way…put your runna’ shades on. 🙂

The running events are about to take over the London Olympics and that means this runnerchick is more than a bit excited. Slip into those cheering pants and get supporting those Team USA harriers!
runner in sunglasses
This first day of action will see the first rounds of the men’s steeplechase and men’s 1500 meters as well as the final of the women’s 10,000 meter race. Of course there will be other events going on but I’m distanced biased and not sad about it. Check out all the results and full schedule HERE.

Back to runner shades, I know some people who don the shades sort of the same way they put on their spikes or racing shoes. Meaning it’s GO time. I have to admit that when you see a person running with shades it catches your eye; I’ve even heard some runners say they are intimidated by the mere sight of a shaded runner. Now I won’t go that far, it’s not like the mere act of putting on sunglasses will make you faster…that’s all in the legs.

Yet we all have those little things that cause that internal switch in us. The one that goes along with the electric buzz of race day, the one where we know it’s time to kick it up another level and get ready to put it all on the line. Akin to spiking up, peeling off the sweats and baring that uniform…if sunglasses are the final piece of your race day GO time visage…then by all means…

…put your runner shades on.

1) Who are you going to be rooting for the most come the running events? Which events are you most looking forward to?

2) Do you run in sunglasses? Now, do you run in them a lot in both training and racing, or do you reserve them mostly only for racing?

3) Thoughts on runners with sunglasses, I know some people have something against seeing a runner in shades…anyone in that boat? Anyone who instantly assumes that when they see a runner in sunglasses that runner has to be fast?

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14 thoughts on “Put Your Runner Shades On: It’s GO Time London

  1. I prefer not to run in sunnies – they make me look like some mis-guided cheap Asian import fashionista-wannabe anyway. I don’t have anything against sunnies, but now that you mention it, I automatically assume those peeps are the fast ones.

    What’s you pre-race ritual ‘on switch’? Mine is my running drills, followed closely by ‘jacket off’ time. Nothing flash 😉

    • HAHAHA…oh my gosh, i think u just gave the best mental picture description i’ve read in awhile….that said i’m sure u are in no way accurately describing YOUR pretty self! 😉

  2. I don’t run in shades – they just slip down my little pug nose and then off the end. I can’t afford to buy a new pair every time I run outside 🙂 I do wear them when I’m walking, and I always make sure to have a hat (or beanie at the moment) to shade me a little though.
    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…Oi Oi Oi! Team green and gold all the way for me! I can’t wait for the running events to come on. I’m all for our swimmers and rowers but I can’t wait to see the other events get started 🙂 I’ll be watching Sally Pearson in the hurdles, and any of our other amazing track and field team – oh and that really cute guy who does the pole vault too…..

    • oh man…i will let u kno i’m gonna be cheering LOUD for one Aussie in particular…my friend Eloise Wellings will be repping you guys and you can bet i’m cheering for the other team on her account! 😉

  3. I have never run in shades, but I don’t think that I could keep them on my face! It is cool to think of it like turning on a switch when you start your run. 🙂
    Have a great Friday Cait!

    • i hope u’re having an awesome weekend!! hehe…i’m like u and don’t run in shades because they tend to slip around on my fact too! 😛

  4. Can’t wait to see Rupp toe the line in the 10k. I think that’s his best shot, although he may place top 6-8 in the 5k as well. He gets a lot of crap on message boards, but I honestly like the guy. He always seems respectful and humble in his interviews, and has always been a team-player.

    As for sunglasses, I never wear them when I run. I actually rarely wear them in general. I’m a “bare bones” type runner. No gadgets, sunglasses, etc. Just shirt and shorts. I tried running with a mp3 player once in high school and it was terrible. One of the best parts of running is escaping that kind of stuff. =)

    • man, we are on the same page as far as bare bones running style!! i thought i was the last person alive who doesn’t even tote music. 🙂

      • Hey! Just saw your message on my site. Don’t sweat it at all! I agree, its much easier to just post quick messages and replies. I’m actually a terrible emailer in general, so I totally understand. My friends and family get on my case about not replying to emails. I think its because I tend to write too much. There’s no middle ground, my emails are either one sentence or novel length, haha. So when there’s an email I know requires a lengthy response, I usually just keep putting it off.

        Being new to the blogging thing, i’m just now getting used to the idea of posting every day, I suppose that’s how you keep people coming back for more, so i’ll be attempting to do that. Have a great night!

  5. I don’t run in shades, but I run on the beach so maybe I should invest in a pair now that I live so close to the beach. I pretty much just wear shades after the race or when I’m hanging out by the pool, and I don’t think I’d wear them when it wasn’t sunny and hot out, I just don’t see them being a part of my running attire.

    I’m super excited for the running events of the Olympics, I will watch it all… did they ever decide if Desi would run the marathon or not, she is one of my faves…

    • countdown to the marathon start time….i’m pulling an all-nighter and gonna be cheering for team USA…it’s so sad that injuries have hit two awesome runners in the marathon at the worst time. 🙁

  6. I always run in sunglasses actually! I’ve never thought about it much – in saying that, I don’t if I’m running at 6am when it’s dark or when it’s raining 😛 But for my normal weekend runs, I wear them as a default.

    I am so excited for the athletics events 😀

    • i never thought of the whole sunglasses being a ‘big deal’ either until i had someone make a comment like, “oh man, she’s wearing sunglasses, she must be fast!” and i sorta laughed and was like, “what?!” 😉

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