Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: Hill Repeats

Because we’ve ALL had those prickly bush fantasies in the middle of a workout or race. “I’ll bet hucking myself into that tangle of nettles will be a LOT less painful than what I’m doing now.”

hill repeats cartoon running movie

It may not always be a prickly bush, but the mind certainly has a crazy way of looking for any excuse to get you to stop running. Fighting those ‘excuses’ and telling yourself to IGNORE that whiney voice inside your head is something ALL runners deal with. Constantly.

We know that complainer, that voice telling us that we can’t, will always be there. We start every race and workout aware that the time will come when the pain sets in, but we ALSO tell ourselves that we CAN push much further past what that whiney, compliany, snot-nosed little voice tells us.

Run mentally tough…abstain from hucking yourself into that prickly bush. Well, at least until you’ve gotten through all the repeats, then, well, do what you will. 😉

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1) What was your last ‘prickly bush fantasy’?
A bush.
2) What are some other funny thoughts/fantasies you’ve had during workouts or races?
3) What has become the best way for you to stay mentally tough during workouts and races? What’s your most-used tool?

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4 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: Hill Repeats

  1. I think my last ‘prickly bush’ fantasy was the icy creek 🙂 My best trick to stay mentally tough during a workout or race is to “chunk” it, meaning break it down into manageable pieces to focus on. A 20 miler doesn’t seem so daunting when you break it down to an 8 miler, 7 miler, and 5 miler.

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