Cityscapes and Runnerscapes

Life’s more vibrant with running.

couple running in city

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1) Where do most of your runs take you? ie: roads, trail, track, etc.
2) What are typical Friday and weekend night plans for you?
3) Running brings color into my life by…

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5 thoughts on “Cityscapes and Runnerscapes

  1. What a neat picture! I do most of my running on roads and on bike paths. Typically, my Friday night plans involve something low key with an early bed time and the majority of my Saturdays are taken up with a morning long run and then recovery. Typical 🙂

  2. I love this picture! Running definitely makes my life more vibrant in so many ways: runner friends (;)), time for my soul to fly free without restraints, time for my body to feel like it is doing what it was built to do, and feeling like I can conquer anything after I have conquered a hard run!
    Most of my runs take place either on the road (well, sidewalk) or in the gym. I love running outside the most though, because I can get away from the crowds and just get in the zone.
    My typical weekend night plans? Relaxing on the couch with a movie (and maybe some m&ms) or having dinner out with my sweetie or at home with my family. Can’t wait for you to join us one day Cait!

    • awwww, thanks!! now we just need to talk Chris into suiting up and playing out the running couple, right?? 😉 jk. tell him JUST for the quick second to snap a photo like this….haha.
      and PLEASE, i need to get my butt down to OZland!!! or u guys come visit here. 🙂

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