Peacocks Stop for Runners

Because how could they NOT stop and gawk at such a well-dressed runnerchick. 😉 #Ezzere Baby!

peacock runner tee movie

This short video hit my Instagram feed first…be sure to follow me there so you’ll be the first to see when new artage and such get dropped. 🙂

Mosey over the BUY YOUR Ezzere Peacock Runner Tee…or any of the others. 😉

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Kale Video: Like cabbage only cooler

Runners, be you vegan or not, you should get friendly with our friend, Kale. 🙂

This video was posted on my Instagram page, so if those 15 seconds left your eyes darting to read all the awesome Kale facts, let me run through them again for you:

* Iron
* Calcium
* Vitamin B6, A, C, and K
* Chockfull of antioxidants
* Fights inflammation

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Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: Hill Repeats

Because we’ve ALL had those prickly bush fantasies in the middle of a workout or race. “I’ll bet hucking myself into that tangle of nettles will be a LOT less painful than what I’m doing now.”

hill repeats cartoon running movie

It may not always be a prickly bush, but the mind certainly has a crazy way of looking for any excuse to get you to stop running. Fighting those ‘excuses’ and telling yourself to IGNORE that whiney voice inside your head is something ALL runners deal with. Constantly.

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Runner’s Strip Animation: Where ‘Normal World’ and ‘Runner World’ Intersect

There’s ‘Normal People World’ and ‘Runner World’…but the best place is where they intersect.

running animation

Running is a special sport because you could be 1-foot or 7-feet, 3 lbs or 300 lbs, not have a lick of coordination, but if you put in the work and are motivated you WILL improve. That’s it. Of course that motivation part is what defines the sport and no amount of good genes can make up for a lacking there.

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Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “Cold Weather Running”

I love running, but what I DON’T love is running in the cold. Truthfully, I don’t harbor ANY fantasies for a white Christmas (or any day for that matter) for the sheer fact that running outside in the snow, in the cold, in the windy, etc. is not cool. Winter is pretty in a snow globe when when you’re a runner actually out there in that flurry…it aint pretty.

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Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “Recess Snack Swap”

Children with runner parents put up with a lot. Mom and Dad head out early for their weekend long runs. Dinnertime table talk could err on the side of TMI compared to other families…
“God, I have the WORST chaffage right HERE…”
And then there are the runner foods that consume the cupboards.

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Runner’s Strip Cartoon Movie Shorts: “A Runner’s Mid-Workout Mental Twitter”

Running a hard workout or race takes a LOT of lying to yourself.
“I SWEAR it’s the last repeat!”
“Just make it ONE more mile…”
“I promise it won’t hurt THAT much.”

Hey, if it takes a little self-deception to push through to the end, then so be it, right?!
My latest Runner’s Strip Movie Short: “A Runner’s Mid-Workout Mental Twitter”
[Here is the embedded version to give you a preview but it’s tough to read…click link BELOW to view larger.]

Twitter Movie
Here’s to all those lies that get us through the runs, workouts, and races!!
Posts on RACE TIPS
More Runner’s Strip!
1) Share a bit of mental Twitter Chatter you might have mid-workout.
2) Do you share about your running on social media sites? Which ones?
3) Best trick that you use to stay mentally tough?

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Runner’s Strip Movie Shorts: Episode 2: ‘Runner’s Right of Way’

Every runner has been there. They’re just running along, not taking up too much space on the sidewalk, when BAM…they meet the sidewalk hog!!! Walkers going five wide, a dog-owner with about 200 feet of leash slack, packs of people paying no attention to the fact that you, a runner, are in fact trying to pass through.

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My First Running Cartoon Episode 1: “The Morning Run”

I’m aiming to corner the market for running Saturday morning cartoons. Well, not quite. But I DO have my first actual animation for you guys. This goes out to all those crazy, up-before-the-rest-of-the-world morning runners. Hey, gotta do what we gotta do!

morning run movie

1) What time do you usually run?
2) What’s the earliest you’ve gotten up to get your run on?

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