Runner’s Strip: Racing Weight

Oh what a difference running crazy amounts of miles in training makes. Come time for that post-race break those racing shorts…errrr, ‘shoes’ may be fitting a little differently! 😉
racing weight
Sunday morning deserves some running cartoonage! That being said, we can poke fun but one needn’t get TOO would up over some post-race ‘love’ weight, giving the body a chance to recover is incredibly important and your racing will be much better off in the long-term.

On the flip side there is a difference between recovery and gluttony…haha. As with most all things in running and in life, it’s all about balance. Now, pass this runner the Pop-Tarts! 😉
POST on fueling for races.
POST with tips on runners eating out.
POST on the importance of the 30-minute refuel window.
POST on timing your fuel to best support your running performance.

Get more Running Cartoons HERE! 🙂

1) When it comes time to break after a race or season, do you eat differently?

2) What are some of the things you do to give your body some TLC to recover after hard races or between seasons?

3) Favorite thing you treat yourself to after a great race?
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19 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip: Racing Weight

  1. Ohhh you know I am totally here right now. I have to say it kind of balances itself out for me cause I’m no where near as Rungry when I drop my training back so that helps to keep it in check. Even though my choices might be a bit “poor” i generally don’t need as much. aka I am not looking for 2nd breakfast at 9am at the moment!But do I indulge?.. He’ll yeah! For me it has been the drink with Big A at the end of the day. As much as I love a drink I know it kills my recovery and hydrating so it is so nice to enjoy it guilt free. Mostly I just love the freedom of picking a meal and not having to worry if its got enough carbs for my long run or if it is going to “repeat” on me tomorrow 😉

    Love the toon!!!!! :=)

    • hahaha…glad u could make u laugh! 🙂 i agree, it’s nice to be able to eat a total gas-attack or GI-monster type food and not have to worry about the repercussions on ur next run for a bit! 😛

  2. just getting over this hump! put on a few hibernation lbs. this winter when i took quite a bit of time off, and i have to say that it did the body good. came back feeling squishy, but very refreshed. its a catch 22 i suppose…

    • while i doubt u are squishy…that’s a very true point, and even the top people will ‘try’ and put on some weight just because it does give the body a chance to recover a bit better and be a little ‘normal’…lol

  3. I keep telling myself that the super long runs I have coming up will burn off some of the extra calories – in reality, at my age, that never works!!! Oh, well – I’m not running to lose weight – just to try to be healthy and in the best shape I can be – even if that is more similar to the 2nd picture in the cartoon!!!

  4. I eat better when I’m working out more (“fueling” takes priority over “taste buds” or “just one more cookie”), but that doesn’t have to be running. If I’m in a low-run/recovery period and swimming, doing yoga, etc – that still helps keep my food in line.

    Summertime long run/race treat = Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Coolatta. Ooooh, yeah!

  5. Haha Cait I love this! I feel like this the other way around though lol. Race morning (after tapering) I feel like an unfit lard, but that night, after my fifth “recovery” (read celebration) pint of Cider I think I’m another 3 foot taller and 20kg lighter 😀

    Seriously though, given i have a marathon within 4 weeks of each other all year, I dont have much time for my weight to yoyo much (easter gave it a good nudge though!)

    BTW spotting Kate on course @ Canberra Marathon was a breeze thanks to her Chicked Tee 😉

    • hahaha…i LUV that u spotted Kate repping the chicking style! 🙂
      and u bring up a funny point, i think food tastes SO much better the day/night after a monster race or workout…we’ll call it the ‘i’m a boss’ effect 😉

  6. I love your cartoon because I can definitely relate!! I find during breaks, I eat spicier foods – i.e. spicy Thai noodle dishes – that I wouldn’t normally eat for fear of an upset stomach during a run. My favorite post race treat is a tie between guacamole and chips & a cheeseburger!

  7. Bahahaha, these days I massively indulge – chocolate is my vice. But fuelling is critical and I’m still getting my head around it all!

    • fueling IS super important, trust me i jest, but it makes a big difference…that said everything in moderation and balance! 🙂
      PS- u’re making big headway in getting ur ‘head around it’…but did i ever expect anything different from you of the quick learner? hehe

  8. You know exactly what I treat myself with – Cold Stone Creamery sundaes in the giant waffle bowl or my favorite Mud Pie from Cheesecake Factory lol. I love my desserts and I treat myself to one of my favorites every weekend, typically on the day I do my long run. However, if I wanted my dessert on another day, I always treat myself. I eat what I crave, when I crave it. It works for me. I typically keep up my running routine throughout the year so that I am always ready for a last minute race decision. So, that being said, I would say I normally eat the same throughout the year. I listen to my body and feed it what it crave and needs to run my best and also recover.

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