Running Shoes With the Guilt Built-In

You know the kind of feeling where your running shoes are staring up at you, two gaping black holes where your feet SHOULD be.
runner shoe guilt
In case you ever need that extra shove out the door I introduce to you the latest line in running shoes. Other quotes include:

* Love me.
* Erase me.
* I see you.
* That pint will taste better earned.
* You can’t see any writing on a winner’s shoes.

Whatever your shoes are saying to you, don’t let them mock you. Shut them up. Put your feet in them and get running. 😉
1) What should be another quote/quip to add to our line or running shoes with sass?

2) What’s something you tell yourself if you’re lacking in the motivation department?
Remind myself that my own running guilt is NOT worth putting up with if I weenie out.

3) If we were to offer a line of spikes with writing on the soles, what should they read?
I think if we were to let people sharpie in some PR goals…just be ready to scratch out and re-sharpie. 🙂
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15 thoughts on “Running Shoes With the Guilt Built-In

  1. Oh, my poor sad running shoes didn’t get an outing this weekend! Darn you assignments!! I did have some good workouts during the week though, so I’m not going to feel too guilty, I’ll just have to make up for it this coming week 🙂
    I think on the bottom of mine I might write: ‘This Princess wears running shoes’, or ‘My glass slippers are faster than yours’.
    Inside my shoes I might have to write something like ‘Cupcake blasters’ or ‘Keep those thighs looking good’. If I’m lacking in the motivation department, I re-read my favourite runner goddesses blogs (I’m looking at you Miss Cait) or I have a motivational postcard on my wall that says ‘I lose my breath, I find my answers.’ That usually works 🙂

    • oh my, YES, let’s both get some cupcake soled-inspired shoes!! hehe. only so long as YOU’RE the one baking the reward. 🙂
      hey, at least u were able to bust out those assignments and epitomize productivity…how is that book and writing of yours coming, missy?? u can’t get TOO smart on me with all that university though, i don’t know if i’ll be able to keep pace and you may bore of my dorky humor. 😛 hehehe

  2. Hell – I should get my sharpie out! Great idea.

    On the bottom of my spikes, I would have written something lame, like ‘eat my dust’ or ‘eat my track’ just to make the person behind me confused. Or ‘Chick Ya!’.

  3. He he I love the idea! Mine would be a corny “you complete me” or my classic #jfdi 😉

    I’m like Amy if I need motivation I open up my favourite blogs or twitter and then I’m busting to to run. I am so motivated by reading about running… I get restless feet :=)

  4. Once it’s done, you can stop worrying about it.

    Not very catchy, but definitely very true!

    Also…if someone is doing their workouts…their heels should scratch out the old writing automatically! Just adjust and re-write every 2 weeks! 🙂

  5. “You’re not getting your money’s worth”
    Since my running shoes cost more than my work or dressy shoes 🙂

    If I’m having trouble motivating myself first I try and think of running as a privilege that I get to go out and run. If that doesn’t work, I think of my upcoming races/goals and that usually works 🙂

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