4 Crazy Important Stretches for Runners: Hamstrings, hips, glutes, and psoas

For once my running cartoons will be used and I’m deathly serious. Stretching, Runners, is no joke. I used to HATE stretching, I’d do it begrudgingly, but ever since my little revelation in Boulder I’ve pulled a total 180.

Now it’s good too because I don’t have a little bit of guilt writing about and telling runners just how crucial stretching is. I’m practicing what I preach, yo.

Areas that rank most common across the board for running injuries and the areas that runners are notoriously tight in are: the hamstrings, glutes, hips and groin region, and the psoas. I took my cartoons and put together a quick stretching routine that you REALLY should be doing as much as possible. Like daily…I’m doing them daily, so now I can say, fully absolved of any lingering guilt, that you should do the same. 😉
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4 important stretches for runners
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1) How often do you stretch? Be honest. 😉
2) What’s one of your tightest areas?
Hamstrings and adductors.
3) What’s something you kinda feel a bit of guilt about when you tell others to do it because you don’t always follow that advice yourself?

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8 thoughts on “4 Crazy Important Stretches for Runners: Hamstrings, hips, glutes, and psoas

  1. I actually don’t stretch as much as I should. My stretch routine is only a couple of minutes before and after a run. I do plan on trying to incorporate your stretches though. Do you have any suggestions on how long to hold a stretch? (I count to 15)

  2. I do yoga daily and don’t get injured. My tight spot is my psoas, and somehow my cat manages to step on it every time he gets on my lap! My most hypocritical advice is “take time to recover”. I’m your classic over-trainer. I think I feel like I can do it because of the whole yoga thing (this is kind of circular…)

    • oh yea, those cutie pets ALWAYS know the ‘right’ places to hit…the psoas right up next to the full bladder instances right? lol. keep on stretching and giving that psoas TLC! 🙂

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