Just Think What COULD Be on Your Feet

Imagine a running world much different than our own.


running shoes pizza oven
Get up, lace up, and regardless of what’s actually on your feet…get running.

So lots of exciting things to share here!

My friend, and distance running’s #1 Fan Girl, Lynn Cox and I just launched Shoeprints Ink!! It’s a greeting card line devoted JUST FOR RUNNERS! Yea!! Go check out all the action and there will be more cards being continually added. Visit: Shoeprintsink.com

The first instructional comic book for runners, “Effective Mental Strategy: Race faster by out-thinking your brain”, that I created was just reviewed by author Mark Matthews. He’s an awesome writer and I always enjoy reading his blog, so read my review and then get sucked into HIS writing for hours and hours.

My latest Running Times article that ran in the Dec/Jan issues is now online. Go read “The Power of Protein Timing: Three windows to refuel the runner”

If you’ve yet to read another seriously awesome blog that I stalk on the daily, The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating, (seriously, I think many runners can relate erring a wee bit on the anxious side!) I contribute posts there and you can go read my second one: “Table for Four: Ditching the judging, critical, killjoy”

And on Instagram…I’ve been hanging out with Ariel. She likes my latest running shirt a lot.
Enough of me yet?? Fine, then go run. 😉

1) Speaking of shoes and spikes, what running shoes are you currently loving at the moment?
2) What kind of food related shoe concoctions would you toss into this comic remix?
3) Anxiety and all that jazz…what do you do when you are feeling stressed, anxious, nervous, etc.? What keeps you sane and balanced?
Well, besides what I already shared…can I state the obvious: #runforsanity

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4 thoughts on “Just Think What COULD Be on Your Feet

  1. You’re everywhere and I love it!!
    So much reading for me to do 🙂 You are my inspiration Miss Cait – so creative and making it work for you too!
    I have read a few articles on ‘The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating’ and enjoy them even though I am in a super comfortable relationship (which still gets affected by my crazy anxious brain on the daily…).
    When I am feeling crazy a run or walk is the best thing for it, followed by lots of hugs, and some sleep. And cookies. Cookies definitely help 🙂
    My favourite running shoes are Brooks! They have a wider heel area so they don’t pinch like most shoes and they are super light too. Even though I’m not all too fussed about coloured shoes and such, I was happy that the ones on sale (ergo the ones I purchased) were bright turquoise! Running happy indeed 🙂

    • awww, thanks, Chickpea!!
      hey, i should be coming to YOU for advice on the dating front!! seriously, it’s so cool because i CAN totally think back to a year ago when you were all nervous and exciting about just meeting and talking with Chris!! flash-forward and you’re in such a wonderful, healthy, and happy relationship…i really just is the coolest!! you deserve it to much!!
      oh, and cookies, cookies make everything better. 🙂

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