Sunday Morning Running Motivation: Turtle Training

It’s no lie…sometimes you just gotta take a cue from the Turtles.
teenage mutant ninja turtles running

Fancy that, another train of familiar characters getting their run on…sorta reminds me of THESE LADIES!!

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1) Who here is also a real runnerd and Turtles fan too? 😉
2) What were you chasing this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Running Motivation: Turtle Training

  1. I LOVED TMNT when I was a kid! Biggest crush on Donatello. No idea why, but that’s how the chips fell (or should that be pizza slice?).
    This definitely got me up for my Monday morning pre-work run! Thanks for the inspiration Cait! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. This weekend I was chasing down a 41 mile week, which is starting to really get up there for me. My 10 mile long run on Sunday capped it off, and it was a tough one. My legs were tired but I got it done and was able to meet the pace prescribed by my training plan.

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