To Run Great You Have To Trust Yourself, To Do That You Put Trust In Others

Running is one of those sports that is pretty much you against yourself. But that’s not quite right because running FORCES you, if you want to be your absolute best, to rely on a few key other people as well. There is an incredible amount of trust you must put on others in order to ultimately trust yourself and your own capabilities.

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For ever runner there is an entire support system.

You have to have TRUST in your coach. A running coach and their athlete’s relationship is one that is incredibly intimate; there is much said without ever being voiced. The ‘best’ relationships are build to become ones that a coach can literally sense what a runner is doing and how their body is reacting even better than the runner. A bond like that takes years of course, and finding the right ‘fit’ also takes time. To get that ‘fit’ an athlete needs to be able to have nearly blind faith in their coach. Trust is imperative.

Not everyone has a coach, so this trust must be shifted to that of the training program, whatever that may be. You see, to get the confidence one needs to excel in racing you have to have to have ‘proof’ by way of your training. Hard evidence from grueling workouts that you survived; you remind yourself you’ve outlasted the pain before and can do it again. The concrete TIMES and numbers also don’t lie and offer up ample proof. You need to trust your training come race day.

You need to feel comfortable with your competitors. The word trust here is slightly altered; more fitting is embracing those runners next to you throughout the race. They are the ones pushing you, driving you to reach your potential, pulling you along to times and feats you may not even realized you were capable of. You THRIVE under the presence of your competition.
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Trust is spot on for what you must feel amongst your training partners. Be them actual bodies pulling you through workouts (probably the most ideal situation) or those you communicate with online. Either way they keep you extra accountable; the shove you sometimes need to either get out the door or pick up the pace when necessary.

Physical training partners make a world of difference. Bonds of trust, reliance, friendship, and so much more are created through sweat and miles. Those bonds are more resilient than any amount of words or coffee dates. Your training partners begin to know you and have a sense of your ‘running self’ a bit like a coach; not to the same degree but in that direction. You need to TRUST your teammates and training partners, use that relationship as the ‘good’ kind of pressure when the gun goes off. Race for yourself first, then race amongst your teammates knowing they too have confidence in your abilities. Finally, race with extra confidence in seeing your teammates thrive; if you’re doing the same amount of work as them, the better they do is PROOF that the better you can do.

There is a world of trust and gratitude that each and every runner needs to have in their other supporters. Be them parents cheering or significant others who accept that running time isn’t selfish time; the physical therapists who piece us back together after injuries, the massage therapists if we’re lucky enough to snag a rub-down from. Then there are the poor souls who listen to us rant during times of injuries or bad races; give us some time to vent but then push us to get into a positive and proactive mindset to keep moving forward.

Running gets coined as a selfish sport but it isn’t so long as each runner acknowledges they are NOT an island, but that they have a network of those they must rely on and TRUST in to reach all of those lofty goals they strive for.

1) Who are some of the people you have trust in and ‘use’ to become the runner you have become and want to be?

2) Do you have a coach? How long have you been with them and what is that relationship like?

3) Name a source of support you get that is a non-runner.
My little siblings (getting not so little) are blessed with coordination so compete is other sports…hehe.

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20 thoughts on “To Run Great You Have To Trust Yourself, To Do That You Put Trust In Others

  1. Woman, you have the best posts!!

    For me, I really have grown to trust myself more and more.(It was really lacking at first). I had to trust in my ability that I COULD go and do a 1/2 marathon etc.

    I don’t have a running coach but I love that you pointed out we have to trust in our training and our training program – something else I learned to do as well!

    My parents are definitely my supporters! My last 1/2 really really sucked, and it was texting my dad when I was feeling awful that got me through it!

    • thank u!! and i think for a LOT of us (women and girls especially) trust in ourselves and have confidence is something that has to be built up over time. and like u, running REALLY helped me in that regard. 🙂

  2. Trust in my training is a huge challenge for me! Thanks for putting this reminder up at such a timely moment while I am in the middle of this round of training 🙂
    I don’t have a running coach, although I think of you, Kate, Jenelle, and Julia as my unofficial coaches/mentors/idols 🙂
    My Mum is a huge, huge, source of support for me. Although she doesn’t understand how on earth she (a dedicated non-athlete) had a daughter who enjoys running, she is always there for me at the finish line, and she is the first person I call after I have finished a long run, and gives the best mid-training-blues hugs ever!

    • awww, b’gosh, i’m so honored to be a part of the chickpea cheering posse!!! and dang, am i in the BEST company! 🙂 and i love ur dear mum to bits, that’s how it should be…regardless if they understand wat in the world is going on or what drives their child to go for it, they’re out there cheering their hearts out!

  3. So important! Now I want to meet some of your coaches.

    I am lucky to have a chiro who has full faith in me and my ability, and never, ever says don’t run. He has got me through every race I’ve wanted to run.

    Rake and my Dad put up with a lot. Oh – and my blog friends ;-). I have a huge thanks to extend to a wonderful Cait.

    • VERY true! sort of crazy how in this case we have to ‘trust’ that wat our brain/body is telling us isn’t something we should ‘trust’! wait, should i reread that again? 😉

  4. What a great post with perfect timing! I do not have a coach or a partner. I’ve tried finding someone nearby but have not had any success. I’ve seen one lone runner in the neighborhood but he’s at marathon level and I’m just wanting to get through a 5K. The other runners seemed to be paired up (with their spouse). I get support online from runners like you. Thank you!

    • thanks and i’m glad this came at the right time! i hope u are able to find some physical bodies to run with but until then u kno u ALWAYS have us cyber buddies. 🙂

  5. I def agree with this. I’ve had my RC for 2 years (well, I don’t have her when I’m taking some downtime). I trust her completely. I always know I’m well trained. I never doubt that.

    Running/training with a few good friends recently has helped me a lot – both in tempos (which I struggle at) and the mental side of racing. Both my friend and I run together a lot and we’ve both improved a lot this fall, and I think it is from running together. We’re going to train for a marathon in the spring and I’m excited to see how that will go for both of us! I also did a lot of my long runs for my fall marathon with another friend and they were so much better/faster than any other long runs I’ve ever done.

    Cool post! Power to running buddies!

    • training partners are SOO helpful for those hard workouts and GOOD LUCK to you girls in that marathon…u’ll all pull each other along and do great! 🙂

  6. this is so true! i am running with a friend to help her train for a marathon and we both feel like we are each others rock! I am thankful for her encouragement and vice versa. Lots of trust!

    • female training buddies can be tricky to find the right fit, but once u have a good one, CLING to them for dear life…makes so much difference…keep up the awesome work u two! 🙂

  7. I always struggle with my mental battles in terms of confidence. For example, right now I am attempting to get over a knee issue. I am having trouble finding the confidence to move forward because I don’t want to aggravate things. Additionally, I am having trouble trusting in my training choice to completely alter my running form my calves are constantly sore, but I continue to put faith in something I have only heard works. Furthermore, I don’t have a coach or any running friends to tell me whether in am doing it right. I just have to have faith and move forward.

    Great post btw.

    • i’m glad u liked the post, and yes, injuries can send our runner psyche for a bit of a loop! do all u can to be ‘smart’ but don’t lose touch in keeping the self-confidence that u CAN move past those injuries…keep up the great work!

  8. I’ve never thought running as a trust sport until this post. Its easy to forget that you don’t always do it by yourself, even if you are physically running alone. I’ve put a lot of trust in other bloggers and runners who are better than me. None of my friends and family really run, so I’ve had to put a lot of trust in strangers and other bloggers.
    I wish I could afford a coach….. one day! LOL
    My biggest non-runner support is my brother. He gets just as excited about my races and runs as me. I’m always excited to call him after I’ve done something spectacular running.

    • oh my gosh, it SOOO is a ‘true’ sport!! hahaha…and i may be biased but i’ll say it anyways…it’s the best sport. 😉 glad ur brother is always there cheering for u!

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