A Runner: A beautiful blur

All those miles you ran…they’re all just a blur. Or rather, you were just a blur.

fast runner
Blur of motion, speed, power, strength. Endurance.
A streak filled of exertion, perseverance, dedication.

Make your lines swift, movements efficient, cut through the air.
A beautiful blur. A runner.

Long run day with lots of miles? Check out THIS post for ideas there.

A need for speed? Work on that HERE.

Powerful, explosive movements HERE.

Dedication and motivation HERE.

Efficiency HERE.


1) What workout or run makes you feel fast? Can be a specific workout (ie: 200 repeats), can be the place you do it (ie: track), maybe a mindset, a song you listen to, anything.

2) What makes you feel powerful when you run?

3) What reminders do you give yourself to run efficiently?
Drop your right shoulder, control that wayward right arm.

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15 thoughts on “A Runner: A beautiful blur

  1. We run a bridge here because there really aren’t hills and I love it, it always makes me feel super strong and I love the fast feeling coming down too! I definitely feel like a blur running it!

  2. Great pictures!

    I feel fast when the weather is cool and there are lots of people around. You can tell I’m an extrovert right? I perform when anyone can see me 😛

    I feel powerful when I push through the pain – when I want to give up but refuse to give in.

    My reminders are to land more softly! I do a sound and pressure check on myself every km or so.

    • bwahaha…u and i need to at some point meet up in person, i think the double extrovert power may catapult the world into another galaxy. 🙂

  3. Love this! I am not all that experienced, but I feel powerful when my legs feel amazing and I just keep going. This is going to sound horrible, but I also feel pretty good when I tell people that I like to run. 😉
    Negative splits also do the job….:)
    Great pictures Cait!

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