Booty-Lock: The Runner’s Struggle Against Fire on the Butt

Run like your butt is on fire…
running with fire
Surely it FEELS like your butt is on fire at times, no? Nothing like the booty-lock shuffle induced from going out at a pace you probably shouldn’t have. Payback for making that pacing mishap can turn downright ugly come the later stages of the race or workout.

But fire on the bum isn’t solely reserved for the pacing blunderers, no, I doubt you could find any 400 meter runner who is able to escape it on the final sprint for home. Sprinters aren’t the only ones, and us distance runners aren’t immune…the tough this is that when our booty-lock sets in we usually have to stick it out for longer than a few hundred meters. πŸ˜‰

So today’s post is a little mix-up mash-up of sorts in tribute to fire on the butt and booty-lock. The first picture set the stage…and then we move to the next one:
runners booty-lock
See, booty-lock IS worth it when it means a PR. Remind yourself that as you’re battling the booty-lock shuffle en-route to the finish line…just get there in one piece and you’ll get your reward.

Fire on the butt for training: Plyometrics are awesome for that and doing them, intentionally setting those fast-twitch muscle fibers alight will see you reaping rewards in the speed and power department. Even distance runners shouldn’t shirk away for ‘sprinter’ stuff…if you want to get faster you have to train to get faster, no?
run for cake
The booty debate? I think across the board runners take the cake both literally and figuratively when it comes to having the best legs. Maybe I’m partial, but I know I’m proud of my legs not just because they are muscular but also for what the DO for me. I know sprinters tend to be blessed with a little more caboose, but distance runners aren’t too shabby of a backside view either, what say you?

In the end it’s worth dealing with the fire in the quads, butt, and even arms alike in the quest for getting the best from ourselves. But envisioning actual flames off our tush, well that’s just for some haha’s and hopefully a fun distraction and motivation for you the next time you’re waging the war on booty-lock. πŸ˜‰

1) Let’s have some awesome booty-lock stories…what’s been a time where you were doing the shuffle for home? Was it because of bad pacing or it was just par for the course and racing hard? Was there a happy ending?
A time that stands out in my mind was a tempo I was running on the track, I felt good early on and stupidly dropped the pace too drastically for the second and third miles…enter fire on the bum and all over those last two miles. πŸ˜›

2) Favorite booty or bum exercises that you do? Which are you a fan of and how often do you do leg/butt strength type work?

3) Weight in on the booty debate, what is your favorite body part thanks to running, is it your legs, butt, or something else?

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10 thoughts on “Booty-Lock: The Runner’s Struggle Against Fire on the Butt

  1. Haha, this morning when out running I overtook a guy who was going just a bit slower than me…which I think he didn’t like because he then picked up his pace and was right on my heels. I of course (foolishly!) didn’t want to overtake and then be overtaken, so I picked up my pace and by the time we eventually parted routes – thank goodness! – I was utterly exhausted and had an extremely slow run for the rest of the time πŸ˜› Definitely some booty lock there!

  2. my butt and hamstrings are always the FIRST things to get sore when I amp up the running – it’s never happend on any particular run but whenever I bump up the mileage or add speedwork, you bet the next few days I’ll be feeling it haha. Oh and I don’t mind it at all either, I love being sore like that. It’s a sign that I’ve accomplished something! πŸ˜€

  3. I hate doing lunges, but they burn so good! I have to force myself to do them. We used to do 4 basketball courts worth for swimming dryland practices.

  4. okay so this past weekend i was lucky to not end up doing the shuffle to the finish (even though in the first half i feared it may come)…the first 7 miles were crazy hills. around mile 8 i was thinking. holy cow my butt is SORE. but itwas all worth it in the end;) i will most definitely be thinking of my butt being on fire next time i realize my butt is sore;) haha!

    i was loving squats and lunges at the beginning of the year…time to get back to it!!!

    • YAY u were able to post-pone the booty burn! we’ll call it late onset due to hard hill climbing, great job!! hmmm, yea, i think i heard squats and lunges calling ur name too. πŸ˜›

  5. I haven’t done any butt exercises, but I know my need too! My coach/trainer is having me strengthen my core, and if he feels like it won’t affect me running, we’ll start some glute work too. I really REALLY hate any sort of resistance workout though… Like, so much that I’d rather visit the dentist.

    • ahh yes, i’m a total cardio queen and find the core and strength stuff boring too…but i force myself to do it because 1) i kno it’s good 2) i kno it’ll help my running. follow the advice of that wise coach of ur’s, core work is great!

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