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Distance Runners Getting Their Speed Work On: The multi-level approach to getting faster

Getting a runner to be faster is an interesting undertaking. It’s actually a concept that coaches and athletes have been trying to perfect for centuries. As science has improved, training has evolved, we’ve created training phases and workouts that push … Continue reading


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Booty-Lock: The Runner’s Struggle Against Fire on the Butt

Run like your butt is on fire… Surely it FEELS like your butt is on fire at times, no? Nothing like the booty-lock shuffle induced from going out at a pace you probably shouldn’t have. Payback for making that pacing … Continue reading


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Plyometrics for Runners Part II – Jumps and Hops: I caught the Easter Bunny hopping away plyo style

Let’s talk some plyometrics.If you’re reading this and your face is already smeared with chocolate and Peeps sugar residue, you’ve done the Easter Bunny thing right. Just kidding…Happy Easter to those who celebrate and Happy Sunday to those who don’t. … Continue reading


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This Runnerchick Can’t Jump, BUT Plyometrics are Your Friend – Part I Bounds & Skips

I don’t jump. I can’t really, anything that I do would only qualify as a hop at best. In my one-time attempt at the high jump in junior high PE, I made the running start, I tried to clear the … Continue reading


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