Monday Running Motivation: Starting Line

Moments before the gun. All other runners slip away, left one.

runner starting line art

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Talk about one cute chicker from the weekend!! This super fast runnerchick was the top female and 5th overall in just her first 5k!! Can you say natural born runnerchick?! At least her Ezzere Get Chicking Tee gave them a warning…keep on smoking those runnerboys. 😉

ezzere get chicking tee running

1) What’s usually one of the last things you do RIGHT before the gun goes off?

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4 thoughts on “Monday Running Motivation: Starting Line

  1. Right before the start of a race, one of the last things I do is take a deep breath and let it out slowly. As I take that breath, I try to just completely clear my head and not think about anything. It’s the same routine I used growing up before every event at a swim meet.

    • haha…i can relate to the number hunger! BUT i do urge you to give it a go on an upcoming race to go watch-free. Especially for a race, sometimes ‘too many’ numbers can mess with your head, where u want to race for feel. dare ya… 😉 lol

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