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Coming Back After a Running Hiatus…Aint it a Kick in the Tush!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekends if you’re living in the States! It’s that time of the year again, even though World Track Champs is bleeding over into the start of it, for most teams out there it’s … Continue reading


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Runner Buddies Unite! We’ll kick the butt of stupid injuries and make the world a better place ;)

As per usual the day started off with this: debate about rolling over again and spending more time with my pillow (Since I’d already done that a few times I knew it was time to peel myself out of bed…lazy … Continue reading


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The Everest Mile and Track/Cross-Training Intervals II

I remember the day when I first ran an entire mile. An. Entire. Mile. I thought I was the shiznit, the boomdiggity. I mapped out a plan for myself, I thought that if I ran a mile every single day … Continue reading


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Random Seinfeld Conspiracy and Cross-training Workouts

So I kept seeing this commercial and something about it has been bugging me. This has been going on for days! You know that feeling when you recognize someone but you don’t know exactly from where? Well, this also happens … Continue reading


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