My Running ‘True’ Is Off, Better ‘Toe In’

Yesterday I was reminded why I’m a runner and have no desire to branch out into cycling. I watched as one of my roommates did this and that to his bike; adjusting things, replacing the brakes, all that good stuff. I learned some fun new terms, which are probably the non-runner’s equivalent to fartleks and pronation.
runner face
There was something about ‘truing’ a tire, I probably have this wrong some 18 hours later due to memory lapse, but I’m pretty sure it’s just making sure the wheel is straight and aligned. The brakes have to be ‘toed in’; I liked that one because it makes me think of runner toes, but here it’s just that the brake thingy’s have to be at a certain angle.

See, I don’t bike for a good number of reasons but one of the paramount ones is that there’s just too much ‘stuff’ and too many ‘variables’ that could potentially impede your workout. The OCD runner-brain line of thought I have is this worst case scenario: “I’ve got to get my workout it, I’m mid-way through some intervals and BAM my tire goes flat, my brakes go wonky, or something else screwy happens and I can’t do my workout.” Yes, the end-all to all end-alls, I can’t get my workout in, I know, how tragic. 😉

With running you need shoes and that’s about it. Of course the KIND of shoes are of paramount importance, don’t let me under-emphasize that. But if you can tie a lace you’re pretty much good to go; if you’re still struggling with that there are little lace locks to really get you doing nil work.

Though in getting back to those cycling terms that I’ll pretend I can now toss around in everyday conversation. Runners have to be ‘true-ed up’ too I guess; here it’s our form that can get set off. You see those runners with their arms flailing around like they are doing the macarena, runners with a shuffle-stride and you just want to yell, “Do you NOT know how to lift up your knee?!”

runner on track

Nope, definitely not thinking about cycling! 😉

I’d call the central ‘true’ point of a runner (any cyclists are probably cringing at how badly I’m misusing their words here, it’s like if I were to say my shoe had a bad fartlek) the torso. The core of a runner; where if this is off you’re probably setting yourself up for an injury at some point. The hip region especially can get tight and lead to overcompensation issues like none other!

Thankfully us runners have built-in brakes; namely you just stop. Yea, we have the klutzes like me who have issues there, but for the most part us runners have the opposite problem with stopping and slowing down. We don’t ‘want’ to but our brain is perpetually trying to talk us into stopping, or at least slowing down.

So for us, maybe ‘toe-ing in’ our brakes is really just babysitting our brain and telling it to SHUT UP, SUCK IT UP and keep running even though, yes, it hurts.

Yes, I’m a runner, I have no desire to venture into cycling. Yes, it’s an awes-tastic form of cross-training and yes, my very best friend is a really competitive, hard-core cyclist, but even he knows by now not to try and talk me into it. The truth there though, is he probably knows with my coordination I’d wind up road-chow.
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1) Do you do much cycling? Are you into triathlons or biathlons?

2) What is your favorite form of cross-training?
elliptical baby!

3) If you had to say your ‘true’ was off, where would it be?
My dumb, annoying left adductor…right where it inserts into my glute…oh how I wish I could auction it off for parts and get a replacement for it. Do you think ebay is my best shot? 😉

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26 thoughts on “My Running ‘True’ Is Off, Better ‘Toe In’

  1. Aha! Cycle? Me? The girl who has issues even standing up straight in the dark without falling over…I don’t think so. I would definitely be road chow as well. Although sometimes I do get this strange inkling that I ‘need’ to do a triathlon one day, I think I’ll shelve it and just keep my running shoes on.
    Viva la runnerchick!
    My favourite form of cross-training? Well, does walking count…I haven’t been able to get to the gym lately so life has been about running, walking, and exercise DVDs (I love/hate Jillian Michaels twice a week); however, when I do make it to the gym I love me a spin class. The elliptical feels like torture, sorry Cait, not sure how you do it 🙂
    My true? My right knee and heel. If I don’t stretch properly (naughty Amy) I end up walking around like a 90 year old lame horse.

    • omg, the two of us on bikes would be such the pair of disasters! 🙂 i about caught my breathe here when u wrote the viva la runnerchick, i think we share half a brain! u’ll get it in my next post, but let’s say yesterday i did a new drawing…but i want this comment as PROOF i had it before u wrote that!! great minds think alike. 🙂 lol

  2. I do body pump and yoga for cross training and it usually makes me more sore than running… ouch! I’m not one to try too many new things though because I’m a runner and don’t want to get hurt or injured cross training, ya know? The yoga does help with those tight hips 🙂

  3. Hey! Thanks for stopping by!
    You’ve got such a well-done website! I was browsing around because I’m always looking for new ones to read, and it’s fantastic!

    The one thing I love about running is the simplicity of it. Like you said, a pair of shoes, and GO. There’s just no excuse!

  4. I have a cycle, but it’s currently collecting dust! Lol! 🙂 The last time that I went riding was with a friend in Kansas and we traveled 8 miles and I thought that my legs were going to fall off!! We had to stop at every traffic light and I was sure someone was going to run us over. 🙂
    I am a DVD junkie! I have so many workout DVD’s it’s ridiculous. I am a huge fan of Jillian, but I love Amy Dixon’s Tabata style workouts!
    Thanks for the encouragement sister!! Have a super day!!

    • haha…u don’t need that cycle, u’re tearing up the treadmill! 😉
      a DVD hoarder, huh? well it could be much worse…at least those can be put to good use! 🙂

  5. I don’t do much cycling (or any for that matter), but I do have a Triathlon on my bucket list, so one day I’ll get around to that. For cross training, I like doing different things- gymnastics, I took a flying trapeze class over the summer and once they open back up for the season I totally want to do more of that!

  6. I used to do tons of cross-training: Spinning, Hockey, but now I find that when I do, my ligaments and such get taxed pretty hard. I’ve run my best when I limit the cross training. For me, cross-training is running different speeds and different lengths and doing recovery runs/walks.

    BTW, loves your post on ways to deal with a competitor. You didn’t mention sticking an elbow in their gut as you run by to send a message. Yes, i’ve been elbowed before.

    • i wish i could be hardcore enough for hockey, but pretty sure between my balance issues on skates and lack of stick skills i’d be one hot mess. so i’ll just go watch Mighty Ducks a few times instead. 😉
      thanks, glad u liked those competitor posts! oh yes, i’ve had my fair share of elbows to the rib too!

  7. I’ve never cycled on a road bike but I love spinning! I don’t even find I need the spinning shoes that clip into the bike. I just use my stiffest pair of sneakers, a pair of Pumas. I consider them my spin shoes because I use them for nothing else.
    I do think spin is my fave form of cross-training but I don’t run – I do more all cross training and strength training.

  8. No cycling for me! Being on the same side as cars is scary business. No thanks. I have a bike that I got when I was a pre-teen I haven’t grown much since then so it still “fits” and is still in my parents garage. Probably hasn’t seen the light of day since like junior year of high school aka 7 years ago? My husband (also a runner) bought a road bike in college and road it a lot …for 2 years….now it sits in our basement and probably gets ridden 1-2 times a year. I don’t really get cycling but all the power to people who do!

  9. I’d like to see you try ebay! I cycle, but not hard – I used to ride it to uni and back. I HATE the stationary bike.

    Elliptical is the best form of cross-training…except that it can shorten your stride (or maybe that’s just be and my stupidly gangly legs).

    As for being ‘true’ – I feel like I’m trying to plug a leaky boat :-P. Today it’s my knees, because my glutes and hips are too tight. Tomorrow it’ll be my ITB making my left foot roll in, and the next day I’m sure my calves will get super tight and leave me with shin splints. All part of the fun, right?

    • haha….i’ll put a listing and let u know how it goes! 😉 jk

      ya, the elliptical does usually cut up your stride (unless you’re about 5 ft) and that is one of the drawbacks of the machine…way to be ON it kate!! smarty pants! 🙂

  10. What a great post!! I dabble in cycling and by dabble I mean I take my bike out of the shed, make sure the tires have air and then go. I’ve been thinking about getting a ‘serious’ bike to do triathlons but everything scares me. With running (you nailed it earlier) you have shoes. No fuss.

  11. hehe love this! and it’s so true…biking seems so high-maintenance to me!
    I do love going for nice long road bike rides, but I am worried the entire time that I will flat.
    I love to go to cycling classes, swim, and arc-trainer for cross-training.
    Running has grown into my #1 love…
    I can’t pick out a certain part of my body that doesn’t agree with running. there are always little niggles that come up, but nothing that persists and has prolonged. I guess my sore feet after a longer fast speed work 🙂
    I hope you’re having an awesome FRIDAY!

    • haha…that would be me the entire ride, i’d end up stressballing my way thru the whole thing petrified i’d get a flat! 😛
      ya, i think u dang better stick with running cuuuuz, u’re tearing it up there! 🙂

  12. Love the comparisons! My husband is always truing our tires. Thank goodness I have him, otherwise my bike would be a disaster!
    My true is off, definitely on my left knee, sometimes caused by my piriformis, sometimes my hip, and sometimes muscle imbalances. It sucks!

    • ugh, so would u like me to add ur left knee up with my own ebay listing? i’ll bet we can get some pretty good offers, maybe enough to buy new one? 😉

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