I Knew I was Random, But Lovely Too?! Thanks! :)

So guess what?!?! I’m smiling because I have earned another blogger award! 🙂 These things can really do wonders for a girl’s self-esteem, but really now, no more because I don’t want my ego to get so big that it is weighing me down on my runs. 😉

I was awarded the One Lovely Blogger Award by two AWESOME people who have blogs of their own that I truly adore. I love reading Amy over at One Chic Chickpea because 1) I am in no way chic so I’m hoping that by reading I can somehow vicariously become a bit chic 2) she’s got mad photog skills and her pictures are stunning and 3) she’s not only got a refreshing and uplifting perspective on everything but every time I leave her blog I feel better and have a smile on my face.

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Must Hit Rave Runs!!

You know how Runner’s World has their whole Rave Run page? Well, I’m gonna do my own take on that one:

*X-Mas day, Roseville, CA (20-something early). Celebrate this glorious holiday (if you don’t celebrate Christmas that’s okay too and just go out and run, the nice thing is that the streets are usually pretty vacant, what with most of the other people in home or at church) with a relaxing run into gale force winds. Good thing the roads are ghost town-esque because we saw you literally being blown into the street by that last windburst. Also good that the stoplights are giving you the all clear signal because with that tailwind there was no way of stopping before being hucked into the roadway. Enjoy this run with your mom, too bad she’s not fat enough for you to draft off of.

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English Muffin Withdrawals and Then I Get All Sappy Motivational On You

So I’ve already raved about loving the new gym situation here in Cali. It’s not a secret either that the BIGGEST draw for moving back to the Sacto area was to be around these folks…

…the fam bam. I’m also kinda hoping some of that style and good looks rubs off on me, but let’s be honest I think after 25 years I’m really just a lost cause.

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Do I Still Look Like a High Schooler?

So last night I got to visit with one of my all time favorite people from high school!! Okay, I’m not sure about you, but for me high school was not all that stellar. I’m not into the whole clique thing and I’m also the kind of girl who gets along much easier with guys. I’m not into the whole drama-rama scene that can sometimes run rampant among girlfriends/frenemy type situations.

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Beef Out Those Hummingbird Arms..It’s Good for You, I Promise

What day is it? My week is all helter skelter, yesterday I kept thinking it was still Sunday but then Bachelorette talk started storming Twitter so I knew it had to be a Monday. But I woke up today feeling more in a mid-end of week mode…not that it really makes much of a difference to me either way since I’m not reporting to a ‘normal’ job right now…but still I feel a little topsy-truvy!

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Car Hunting the Cait Way

I’ve got a clunker on the brain! Well, because I’m dirty poor and need a set of wheel’s I’m on the prowl. That said no clunkers need apply, I will turn you away at the first sight of you. Or the first exhaust fume belch that puts Al Bundy to shame. You see, I’m not willing to fork out the dough for a sweet ride but I want one anyway.

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Bye-bye Uni!!

The title of this post is a nice farewell to the unibrow that I FINALLY got to pluck! Okay, so in my haphazard, typical fly by the seat of my pants move/pack decision I pretty much just hucked everything into boxes, taped and got er done. Now, as any methodical organized type person will tell you, doing this really doesn’t make finding anything all that easy. Thank you for your input organized person but I will roll my own way.

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I’m Not Dead! :)

So did I just drop off the face of the planet? Did a ravenous black hole come and gobble me up? No, and maybe…if one did I hop it would say that I tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Fruit Loops.

Actually, my big news that I was talking about earlier for me is that I’m moving to Cali! Scratch that, I’m already moved here….hence my disappearance from the cyber-world. You know how I was saying that one of the worst things I could imagine would to be go sans internet for days, well in a sick twist of fate I just brought it upon myself.

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Bustin Out the ‘Would You Rathers’…

So I kicked off the day with a nice run to the cacklings of Hooda and Kathie Lee. At one point I’m almost certain Kathie Lee called Hooda fat; it came when Hooda said she celebrated the 4th at a city she used to dance at and they flashed up a picture of her. It was a weird picture but looked like a promo flier, Hooda was doing some jump in the air and she explains, “Oh, that’s an old picture from my dancing days, not obviously from last night,”and I could have sworn Kathie Lee quips, “That’s what I thought or I was going to say MAN you really filled out!”

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America’s Getting Old and Paris is a Complainy Pants

Happy 4th of July everyone! And a Happy Birthday to America! 🙂

Maybe your day includes a nice BBQ spread, hopefully some fun with family and friends, and perhaps even some fireworks…

…I just hope that yours don’t have any pups on top! Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the creation of this picture. Don’t send PETA after my @$. 😛

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