Run Your Fortune

Sometimes you have to force your own fortune. Decide that you’re not happy with what currently is and run forward into what you’d like to be. Dare to dream your fortune and run for it.
run your fortune
Running is unique from most other sports. The potential to improve rests solely on your shoulders, if you don’t put in the training there is no one else to blame. Come race time there is no one else to hide behind. It’s you versus the run. Daunting perhaps; yet there is a naked truth that is beautiful.

The Run Your Fortune brand centers around the idea that YOU play a major role in what your future, or fortune, may be. While it superficially applies to running and how far you are able to stretch yourself in the realm of miles and sweat; the deeper lessons that running teach us all is that life works much in the same way.

Being a runner has made me a stronger person, no question. I have overcome things in life I know I would never had made it through had I not been a runner first. I believe we all have the formidable force of a runner inside of us, no matter how fiercely a person may argue to the contrary; it just takes motivation and drive to bring that runner out.

What I hope you all can gain from my personally designed running shirts is inspiration to dream your fortune. Motivation to run for it regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead, there will always be obstacles. Finally, appreciation for all that you, and your body, are capable of.
run your fortune runner
It’s simple:

Dream Your Fortune: Take some time to set a goal for yourself. Make it big enough to where it scares you a bit.

Write It: Write your goal down on the enclosed Run Your Fortune fortune slip.

Share It: Boldly affix your fortune to the shirt. If you’re brave enough to, place it on the front in clear view of the world. Though, some fortunes are personal and that’s okay too; apply it on the inside and hold it closer to you.
run your fortune shirt
Run: You determine the odds in your fortune coming true; this shirt is there for the days you’re tempted to skip a run and it acts as a reminder as to WHAT you are running for.

Repeat: Goals and fortunes are meant to be achieved. Celebrate your hard work; however, never stop dreaming or wondering what you can achieve, and never limit your fortune. Merely set a new fortune and add it to your shirt.


I introduce you to the very FIRST running tee in the Run Your Fortune brand and I hope you enjoy it. Here are the details:
* American Apparel Tri-Blend Track Tee
* Sizes S-L
* Cost: $30 plus shipping

run your fortune shirt

And my best ‘I’m a model half-smile’…don’t worry I’ll be wrangling up better models ASAP! 😉

Order your’s now at my store!


I’m excited to see where this goes and hope you are too!

1) What is a fortune you’re setting for yourself and are brave enough to run for?

2) Any thoughts, feedback, or comments on the shirt is welcomed too!

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28 thoughts on “Run Your Fortune

  1. omgggggg. this is amazing dear friend! i love it. i love the concept. i love everything about it! last night me and my dad had about a 90 minute conversation just on my blog title and how it has become an identity for me. and i was like yup…now i strive every day to persevere no matter what…thats my fortune i think!

  2. I love this Cait!! I think I am at the stage of my life (perhaps again) when I am trying to figure out exactly what my fortune is. My fortune would be to have a cookbook published, maybe a novel or two, and to have a little corner of the world to call my own 🙂 The first step is to just start running for it! My sister and I had a chat the other night about how I always feel that I am at the starting line before a race, but I am too afraid to buy the ticket. She looked me in the eye and said ‘buy the damn ticket, Amy!’ So. the next day I purchased a ticket for another race, and emailed a lecturer for a potential internship. First steps of a long, long, run. Here’s to the next mile!
    Also, congratulations on a wonderful idea Cait 🙂

    • omg, way to GO!!!! i love wat ur sister said i i hope u chant that phrase to urself every time u want something and start questioning it. sometimes u just gotta dive in and GO! 🙂

  3. Running a marathon is my #1 goal right now. It’s been in the back of my head for a little while, but I’ve just recently made it an active goal. I’m in no rush to do it. Right now, I’m just slowly adding miles. What you said about the sport being you versus the run is so true, and I love that fact. As I’m improving, I have pride in what I’m capable of. Makes me feel stronger for what I can force myself to do for that “fortune.”

  4. I love your shirt…. I have a dream but it’s too personal to share here. 🙂 It involves running though! 😉
    What is the meaning of the Chinese symbol that you have up above? Fortune, I take it?


    • it is ALWAYS fair to keep your big dreams to yourself, just so long as they are there…hehe. 🙂 and awesome question, it is actually my last name in chinese. 🙂

  5. Cait I am so so excited for you! The shirt is amazing, and so meaningful. I imagine it is incredibly close to your heart?

    The fortune I’m setting is the marathon – but also putting myself out there and starting up my business full-time. And persevering through this damned degree. Julia has it right – pain, pride and perseverance. That’s what this T-shirt makes me think of.


    • aww, thanks kate! and yea, this one is prolly mostly because the little logo there is my last name in chinese. my dad has always been SUCH an awesome support for me and so i used it as a bit of a tribute to him. 🙂

      and YOU my dear and going to ROCK that freaking marathon!!! aaand the biz too of course. 🙂

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  7. I am not at ALL a runner (not even close!), but I love the idea of this for other goals, too. No matter what our dreams are, how great is it to imagine running at full speed toward making them come true? 🙂

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