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If you’re going to do something, why not make it epic? This quote has been running through my mind lately; 1) I’m working on a pretty exciting project, stay tuned for details and 2) It also has to do with THIS cartoon and the story behind it..sorry, Mo, I stole your word! 😉

But back to the quote, and going for epic. Perhaps I should edit it to say: “If you’re going to do something, why not TRY and make it epic.”
peacock runner
Because the truth of the matter is you very well may not wind up making it all the way to epic. I’m not being pessimistic, just realistic. Some people would argue that quote is setting people up for disappointment, “If I’m never going to run in the Olympics, be the best in the world, or set a World Record, then where is the point in all this training?”

True, most people won’t ever set a National or World Record, they won’t come home with a Gold Medal. But the thing is, I’ll guarantee you that you’ll run and set a Personal Record at some point…probably more.

Insert obligatory eye-roll here. But let me continue. The people who don’t at least TRY for epic really are just afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Their comfort zone is safe, it ensure they won’t really fail, it also ensure they probably really won’t excel…they’ll just be nice, safe, *gasp* mediocre. Now, mediocre is totally OKAY, nothing wrong with it at all. But the thing is, if you’re NOT okay with mediocre, you’re always welcomed to TRY for epic.

Running is awesome because it is a sport where anyone can improve with hard work, grit, determination, and self-motivation. The feelings of PR’s and knowing you pushed yourself to new limits are indescribably self-fulfilling. The feeling of KILLING it in a track workout or race are, in a word, epic.

Why not shoot for epic?

Define epic…it is greatness, it is awesomeness, it is rewarding, it is awes-freaking-tastic. But all of those can be different for different people. You see, epic doesn’t have to be defined as setting a World Record or being a total flop of a failure. YOUR epic may be realizing that you much stronger, faster, fitter, mentally stronger than your ‘mind’ told you that you were.
keep running
Quite honestly, you may wind up short along the way. A goal you don’t hit, eventually you will set your last PR…*single tear*. When you hit the climax, what the heck happens if you DON’T hit what, in your mind, was your ‘epic’?

You would be allowed to be disappointed. But I GUARANTEE you that you’re much higher up on the ‘epic scale’ than when you started. Running and training your @$$ off, you maybe didn’t hit the pinnacle you wanted, but dang-nam-it you improved.

You didn’t sit at mediocre. You TRIED.

If you’re going to do something, give it your all. If you truly want it, believe in it, and you find it rewarding…TRY for epic.

What holds most people back? Ultimately fear. Right behind it a lack of motivation…lol.

But I think fear is the root of it. Fear of the work it would take. Fear of failure. Fear you’re not good enough. Fear you’re not as good as you think you are…aha…that one!

That brings up the question: Would you rather stay at mediocre but live with the assumption that if you DID try then you would be awesome OR go out on a limb and try, then be faced with the reality that you didn’t quite measure up? Going with the first one will keep you in the safety bubble of mediocre.
track runner
Don’t let insecurities, fear, failures, hard work, REALLY hard work [umm, trust me, track workouts need a whole new word for REALLY. HARD. WORK.], and set-backs rob you from trying for YOUR epic.

Be different, test yourself, push yourself, be unique, FIND YOUR epic. Hell, go run. 😉

1) Define what ‘epic’ would be for you? Pick a goal, it doesn’t necessarily have to be running related.

2) Define what falling short of that epic would mean to you?
Sure it sucks, but we CAN cope with sucky.

3) What has been something that’s held you back from getting to your epic, or holding you back from TRYING for your epic?

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25 thoughts on “Running For YOUR Epic

  1. Oh hell yes!

    I’m going to be crazy honest and go all epic for a sec. I have running goals, for sure, but my EPIC would be to make my business successful enough to franchise off, and make it the best of its kind. Anywhere. If I fall short, so what? It would totally be enough if I can do what I love and live off it.

    Love the idea of running epic. I’m going for it!

  2. My running idea of epic right now would be to get sub-4 in my first marathon in May. It’s a long shot, but doable. There’s a chance I could blow up and finish an hour later but I certainly am going to try. After that I can redefine my epic. Maybe I can think about something other than my running goals. 🙂

  3. I love this post :). My running epic right now is a sub-20 5K, I am working hard on it. My PR is 22:03. I know 2 minutes is a lot to take off, but I feel like with a few more months of running, training through the summer, and speedwork, it is very possible. If I fall short I fall short, over the past 3 years I have improved my time by over 10 minutes so that says a lot!

  4. I love everything about this post because not only is it relatable to running but all of life!!!
    My running goals – run a 100 mile race (finish it!) and run a marathon (to race it!!). So far I’ve fallen short of both of those more than once due to injury or illness but it will happen!!!
    Now, I need to work on some nonrunning goals and get moving!!!

  5. This is such an inspiring post 🙂 Having learnt first hand how much negative beliefs / fear can hold me back, with running and more generally, I like this addition of shooting for epic. I’m not sure I’m quite able to jump to that yet, but I will be thinking it over!

  6. I really want to become a runner! I love the idea of shooting for epic, and this could really be applied to so many aspects of life. I’m going to apply it to fitness and maybe starting on my goal of learning to run for real.

  7. I think my epic would be running a full marathon. I have no immediate plans to run a full and after every half I always say no way can I do a full but the thought of a full always climbs back in to my head eventually. Apparently since I think about it, I must want to do it on some level. I will have to be in the right frame of mind to actually sign up for one and then crossing that finish line with be EPIC!!!

  8. Ohhhhhh I love this and of course I love the new art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Epic would be a full blow Iron man/woman. It is too big to get my head around now but it’s on my list just probably a decade away. Got to master the darn bike first!
    Epic is relative too. I mean I will never run at the olympics but every new record I set for myself feels epic to me :=)

    Good luck with your EPIC. I know it will be an amazing success and you have so many supporters and Cait lovers here is Oz – you are already international – Now THAT is EPIC!!!!

    • thanks!! oh yea, daaaang, i’m pretty sure i would drown in the swim portion and wind up roadkill on the biking. 😉 jk. so i’ll cheer for u when that day comes!!

      okay, can i just say having you a part of the upcoming *hopefully* epic project under IS epic! 🙂 hehe

  9. Epic will be when I can do my 2.5 hr trail run again with my running buddies. Almost there…setting goals with a new perspective after foot surgery. Every minute on the trails is awesome to me now. Thanks, my running buddy just sent me the link to your site and I LOVE it. You are Epic!

    • you WILL get right back to those EPIC trail runs!! you stay positive after that foot surgery, and u’ve got the dang-perfect perspective for it!! keep moving forward, i’m cheering for you. 🙂

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