Run Your Fortune

Sometimes you have to force your own fortune. Decide that you’re not happy with what currently is and run forward into what you’d like to be. Dare to dream your fortune and run for it.
run your fortune
Running is unique from most other sports. The potential to improve rests solely on your shoulders, if you don’t put in the training there is no one else to blame. Come race time there is no one else to hide behind. It’s you versus the run. Daunting perhaps; yet there is a naked truth that is beautiful.

The Run Your Fortune brand centers around the idea that YOU play a major role in what your future, or fortune, may be. While it superficially applies to running and how far you are able to stretch yourself in the realm of miles and sweat; the deeper lessons that running teach us all is that life works much in the same way.

Being a runner has made me a stronger person, no question. I have overcome things in life I know I would never had made it through had I not been a runner first. I believe we all have the formidable force of a runner inside of us, no matter how fiercely a person may argue to the contrary; it just takes motivation and drive to bring that runner out.

What I hope you all can gain from my personally designed running shirts is inspiration to dream your fortune. Motivation to run for it regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead, there will always be obstacles. Finally, appreciation for all that you, and your body, are capable of.
run your fortune runner
It’s simple:

Dream Your Fortune: Take some time to set a goal for yourself. Make it big enough to where it scares you a bit.

Write It: Write your goal down on the enclosed Run Your Fortune fortune slip.

Share It: Boldly affix your fortune to the shirt. If you’re brave enough to, place it on the front in clear view of the world. Though, some fortunes are personal and that’s okay too; apply it on the inside and hold it closer to you.
run your fortune shirt
Run: You determine the odds in your fortune coming true; this shirt is there for the days you’re tempted to skip a run and it acts as a reminder as to WHAT you are running for.

Repeat: Goals and fortunes are meant to be achieved. Celebrate your hard work; however, never stop dreaming or wondering what you can achieve, and never limit your fortune. Merely set a new fortune and add it to your shirt.


I introduce you to the very FIRST running tee in the Run Your Fortune brand and I hope you enjoy it. Here are the details:
* American Apparel Tri-Blend Track Tee
* Sizes S-L
* Cost: $30 plus shipping

run your fortune shirt

And my best ‘I’m a model half-smile’…don’t worry I’ll be wrangling up better models ASAP! ;)

Order your’s now at my store!


I’m excited to see where this goes and hope you are too!

1) What is a fortune you’re setting for yourself and are brave enough to run for?

2) Any thoughts, feedback, or comments on the shirt is welcomed too!

Some Food For Thought…But Mostly Humor

So toady I thought I’d throw up a few graphic designs I made as marketing suggestions for a local grocery store. They are only in the Northwest, US so chances are you don’t have one close to you. New Seasons is an awesome place, you can get sucked in for hours if you are a foodie, and they make it a point to support local farmers and businesses. They also have lots of organics and are green minded. This isn’t a sales pitch at all, I have no paid deal with the store, I’m only giving you some background so that you ‘get’ some of the jokes. They’re like a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.

Who said healthy isn’t sexy? :)

This one wasn’t for New Seasons…but who can get enough shrimp and poop jokes? jk.

Okay, you may or may not find Pop-Tarts there. I know they aren’t organic or local, but in posting up food things I couldn’t resist showering the toaster tarts with love! :)

At any rate, yay for funny foods! Hope you enjoyed and because I don’t have my name on each and every one of them, yes, they are mine and if you swipe my original work I will hunt you down and pummel you. ;)

Don’t sweat, there may be a little lacking of running related material today BUT being as every other post is dripping sweaty with such things I implore you to get your endorphin fix there for today. However, yes running is the best and we should all be getting our sweat on. :)

1) Favorite fruit or veggie?

Wow, I love I think them all. But especially apples, kiwis, broccoli, and carrots.

2) Favorite protein?


3) Do you agree that food is costing WAY too much these days?

Yes, it’s scary. I have thought about opening up a shrimp farm in my bathtub.

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