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All About the IT Band — Regular Upkeep to Avoid Troubles

It’s IT. The Illiotibial Band runs along the outside of your thigh, from the top of your hip (the iliac crest, that bony ridge) and down to your knee. With runners the IT Band is a common malady and I’ll … Continue reading


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I’m Ice Cold, Baby — All About Injuries and Preventing Them

*Cue Vanilla Ice here* Side-tangent for a moment, does anyone remember watching him in that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie…oh, good times. Now back on topic: ice. I’ve said many a time that injuries in our sport are a necessary … Continue reading


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For the Days it’s Not all Rainbows and Gumdrops – Getting the Run in Regardless

As much as we all love something, even running, there are going to be ‘those’ days. We all have them and anyone who tells you they’ve never had a single flickering moment of not wanting to shoot out the door … Continue reading


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What Has Running Taught You?

What running has taught me: It’s okay to be a royal, sweaty mess if it’s for a good cause. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth putting in the effort. If it’s not, move on to something that is. Even when … Continue reading


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Let’s All Have Cake and Bring Your iPod Too

Today it’s all about Cake. To be more precise, it’s about music, sorry chocolate cake you also deserve a few special days to call your own but today’s not it. My all time favorite running song is Cake’s ‘The Distance.’ … Continue reading


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The Super-Secret Miracle to Getting Better…

You want to know what it is? I can sum it up in a single word. Eleven little letters…should I continue to taunt you? Consistency. Wow, what a shocking and crazy, insane secret, huh? After all that build-up it may … Continue reading


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A Century-load of Motivation

If you’re feeling tired in a race and cave to sneaking a peek behind you, if you see this man behind you it should act as a swift burst of motivation! (Image Source) Fauja Singh, at 100 years old, recently … Continue reading


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Cross-training — Longer Intervals and Endurance Based Workout

Cross-training. I have a love/hate relationship with it. The thing is, I know all of the benefits: cardio without the impact, a safe way to supplement ‘miles’, staying in shape during an injury…ahhh, that last one. See, that is where … Continue reading


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Battling the Race Day Nerves — Use the Nerves to Your Advantage

Sunday again already, eh? Well, we are approaching the ‘GO TIME’ for races here; whether it’s the high schoolers gearing up and going through all the sectional/regional races, the college athletes doing the same, the road racers continually make the … Continue reading


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A Hack-Hack Here a Cough-Cough There — Let’s NOT Wind up Sick!

Ack…ack…ack. Cough…sneeze…achoo. You hear it and if you’re like me there is a tiny little part of your braining saying, “Alert…someone’s sick on the premises.” Is that really lame of me? If so, I don’t care. It’s funny because when … Continue reading


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