Run Better, Erase Your Doubts

Shhhh…I’ll tell you a secret. Every runner has doubts. It’s just human nature. EVERYONE has that little voice in their head that’s willing to be insecure.
doubt and branches

The thing is though, while you can’t control the presence of doubts, you CAN control if you decide to listen to them.

Don’t. You’ll run better when you tell your doubts to shut the h*ll up.

TRUST in your abilities. Trust in yourself…have confidence.

It’s a sick irony that some of the most capable, amazingly talented people (and runners) are held back by one little thing…

trust yourself don't doubt
An inner self-critic robs you of your confidence, it steals your achievements, it cripples you, it institutes your limits. Quite often with us type-A runners, we can turn into our own worst enemies.

That should make you PISSED, get mad as h*ll!! Turn that rage AGAINST the inner critic. Use that fiery anger to erase your doubts and instead…


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1) Finish this sentence: “Today I will be confident. I will erase the doubt that I _______________”

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5 thoughts on “Run Better, Erase Your Doubts

  1. That is so true. It is also what makes a lot of running fun though. Every time I run a new distance or race I have some doubt but when I complete it, it makes it that much more rewarding. Just as you have said you have to trust in your abilities and go for it! Great post Cait.

  2. Maybe because running is mostly just a fun thing for me or something but my doubts are rarely in my running. The rest of my life has plenty of doubts!!

    • oh goodness, i can relate to that feeling too! but just as most things, lessons learned in running are applicable to life. With most of my life doubts i try to remind myself i’m tough and can handle curve-balls…u KNOW u are too. 🙂

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