The Villains Have It!!

Admit it, who doesn’t love a good villain?!

Wickedly awesome, sometimes misunderstood…I’ve even found myself (at times) rooting for our villains. Some of my favorite Disney characters are, in fact, the villains. Which is why I’ve done a whole series dedicated to those dark and twisty baddies.

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Two Current Art Shows

Hello, my friends! I’ve been busily working away on 10 new pieces (11×14) that are currently showing in two locations in Sacramento, CA. Six of my little waifs are at Details Salon and four others are on exhibit at Little Relics Gallery.
alice in wonderland white rabbits
For all those local or nearby, I urge you to pop in and say hello to Alice and a few of her other friends. Not nearby? Don’t fret…for I am offering LIMITED edition prints of each of these. Here are three of them and I’ll continue to share the others both here on on my Instagram @caitchock [so do follow me there, if you’ve not already ๐Ÿ™‚ ]
geishas and cherry blossoms
To ORDER, simply drop an email to: and I’d love to send one of my special prints your way.

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New Prints Hot Off the Insta Feed!!

Whew…so update from the art cave!!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, (if not, do feel free, I love all my awesome friends there!) you may have noticed a bit of a new style.

I’ve been doing a lot of pencil realism work as of late, and have added a NEW PAGE featuring my growing collection there. I’ve also added loads new available prints to my ART SHOP…so by all means feel free to mosey over there. Anything not already listed, you can happily purchase by sending me an email:
Art is all about challenging yourself with new endeavors and evolving as an artist, so I’ve enjoyed playing with these new portraits. Don’t fret, changes don’t mean abandonment, and my lovely Tinies and previous long-lashed characters are NOT abandoned…these pencil ladies are now just added to the family. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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“And Then She Ate the Wolf: Volume 1”


New to Amazon…BUY TODAY!


A touch of whimsy, dash of dark, and ample sarcasm, this edgy new series is to be enjoyed by adults, or rather, those who refuse to grow up.

There is much more going on behind my eye-catching character artwork from Instagram than mere captions have cited. I am excited to share the tales and backstory to each, and truly bring to life the people behind those big eyes life!

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Black and White Ink

cait chock jeans black and white drawing
Black and White Ink

Shadows speaking louder than words.
Night and day lose meaning.
Whispers in the grey.
Hinting a secret.

White. Arresting.
A look.
A crease. A fold.

Casting sweet envelope
for emotion.

Black and white drawing first shared on my Instagram page HERE.

To order a print of this piece, or inquire for other commissions, send an email to:

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Save a Life: Furry Cartoons That Care

In case you haven’t obsessively been checking my Instagram feed (hehe) I wanted to share with you the animation I made for a WONDERFUL cause…help save some doggies’ lives and support @ShihtzuSwag ‘s fundraiser with @WagAware benefitting @ICareDogRescure ! Please do head on over to, 50% of every purchase goes directly to helping rescue our furry friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Gift of an Open Mind

Freedom is an interesting thing. We know itโ€™s concept and we get the gist of it all, but many of us are busy functioning amidst our daily routines and we think of freedoms only on their grandest of scale. We are grateful for the rights we have living in a free Country, but we donโ€™t think about the smaller freedoms. The freedoms that our routines, namely being stuck to them, may be stripping away from us.
think free art illustration
[From my Instagram]
Routine. Trust me, Iโ€™m like you and love a good routine. Routines are good, they keep us focused and working towards goals; consistency is the foundation of every major accomplishment. We NEED certain routines, yet routines are a tricky double edged sword.

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Exciting NEWS!! My New Book!

Eek…so I’m very excited to say I can now share with you all the new children’s book I’ve written and illustrated: ‘Shay and the Caterpillar’!! Now before I lose the interest of everyone above ‘child’ age and don’t have children I feel it’s important to say that 1) hello, one should never outgrow a love for picture books and art and 2)…

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Dream It, Then Work (Run) For It: 10 kicks to motivate you out the door

When you close your eyes, may you dream of lanes, miles, and splits.
track runner dreaming face
It’s never too early to dream of track, or any running goals for that matter. But at a time in the season where your next race may night be quite close enough to ‘taste’…the motivation to brave the elements (Hello, Winter, I was over you last month.) can wane for some runners.

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