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If You Loved Me You’d Make Me Run Faster

True love waits…for you to finish your run. Well, being the forever pathetic runnerchick in the whole love department (can I at least say I try to make up for that last tag-line with doubling up on the running portion?? … Continue reading


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Running to Race, Racing to Win: Three Important Things to Keep in Mind

Can we just say the Olympic Track Trials action came back with a BANG and it only further backs my theory that the rest days are just as much for the fans who get insanely excited and need a break … Continue reading


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The Day of Rest: Runners and their rest days

I think they must schedule the rest days during the Olympic Track Trials just as much for the fans as the athletes…it keeps all us crazy track fans from going into cardiac arrest due to over-excitment. I kid, sort of, … Continue reading


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Interview With Jordan McNamara Part I: The Olympic Trials 1500…Man on a Mission

The 2012 Olympic Trials are underway at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon; among the outstanding athletes toeing the line will be Jordan McNamara. As a professional runner, member of Nike’s Oregon Track Club Elite, he will be running the 1500 … Continue reading


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A Man Finds His Home Track

A baby sits on the track and watches his mom run in circles. To the infant it’s nothing more than splotches of color, the reds and greens, the lights and darks, the shadows growing longer as the sun sets. As … Continue reading


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A Case of Missing Legs: When ‘dead legs’ show up to your starting line, you still have to claim them as yours

Have you ever shown up to a race…CRACK…and from the first step the pair of legs you were running on felt completely and utterly foreign? Dead legs…strap in you’re in for a long race. The funny, or maybe more correctly … Continue reading


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I’m All About Staying Positive…But Sometimes to Get That Smile You Need to Bust Out the Sarcasm!

Running, and life, can be hard, it can be daunting, it can be amazing, it can be scary, it can wreck you with nerves, leave you inspired to be better, bring you down just as fast, have days where you … Continue reading


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Hayward Field 2012: The Olympic Trials Begin as Athletes Scale Their Own Mount Olympus

The Olympic Trials 2012 have officially hit Oregon. Whether you deem yourself a track fan or not (but you really should be!) I would implore all runners to catch a vicarious ‘high’ off of what is about to go down. … Continue reading


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Run Like a Kid: Retaining some of those childlike qualities could be the best thing for your running

I think we should all start running like children. Heck, I think in some aspects we all could benefit from being more like children in general…maybe that will be my excuse for acting like a six year old. Speaking of, … Continue reading


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When Forcing Yourself to Feel Like You Don’t Belong Works: Running and life goals achieved by feeling like a ‘poser’

In life, and in running, there will be times when you feel like you’re in over your head. Or that you are afraid the people around you will certainly sniff you out as the ‘poser’ you feel you are…that you … Continue reading


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